Board of Directors


Tohfa Eminova, Founder and President (Est. 2006) Mrs. Eminova is a theater specialist and a musician. She studied piano at the Bul-Bul Musical School and graduated with a Master of Arts degree. She later worked at the Baku school of Choreography teaching the History of Theater and Ballet. In 1993, she became an active member of the Azerbaijan Cultural Fund and soon was invited to join the Humanitarian Research and Prognosis Center of the Azerbaijan Parliament as an expert. At that time, Mrs. Eminova also became a member of the Azerbaijan Women’s Society. With Chairman Elmira Suleymanova, Mrs. Eminova worked as a consultant at the Women and Development Center. Since 1995, Mrs. Eminova worked as a member of the audit commission of the Trade Union of Cultural Sector Workers. Mrs. Eminova moved to the United States in 2000 after marriage and currently works as an Assistant Surgeon at the hospital. She has two children: Aydin and Nabat.


Vural Cengiz, Senior Vice President  Mr. Cengiz has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from Ankara University’s School of Political Sciences (SBF).  In addition, he has a Master of Arts degree in Economics and MBA from State University of West Georgia.  He was a teacher in the faculty of Ankara University and Cukurova University from 1980 to 1986.Since 1986, Mr. Cengiz has been in the United States and served Turkish-American community in several organizations.  He helped 130 Bosnian families to settle in Ankara area working together with World Relief and International Rescue Committee.Mr. Cengiz received Volunteer of the Year awards from IRC and Save the Children.  He was the President of Georgia Turkish American Cultural Association between 1994 and 1996.Mr. Cengiz received High Service Award of TACA in 1998, and on the national level, he has been serving as a volunteer in the Assembly of Turkish American Association (ATAA) since 1996.  Starting as a treasurer, he was elected as Vice President, President-elect, and finally President in the Southeastern region.He received the Meritorious Service Award of ATAA in 21996, and Distinguished Service Award of ATAA in 1998.  Cengiz is currently residing in Florida and has a business for Real Estate and Securities Investments, besides financing and environment consulting.

Fuat Ornarli, Vice President of AACA, President of Florida Turkish American Chamber of Commerce .Fuat Ornarli (P.E.) graduated from the Middle East Technical University in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  After taking several graduate courses such as ‘’Budgeting in Construction’’, “Cost Analysis”, “Disputes of Contacting”, “Specifications” ,and “Value Engineering”, he began his professional career as a Civil Engineer and General Contractor.Mr. Ornarli started his career working with construction design projects. In 1998, he moved to the United States, starting with structural engineering and gained experience in bridge design, residential, commercial, industrial building design, and inspections.  He has also co-authored multiple professional publications for engineers.After 35 years of experience in engineering, he continues his work as a Professional Structural Engineer with his PSN Consulting Company.  Since 1998, Mr.Ornarli has been serving the Turkish-American community as well as interacting with multiple American and Turkish

Azhdar Eminov, Secretary.  Azhdar serves a CEO and President of Azerbaijan American Chambers of Commerce of Florida.  He holds a Masters of Military Science degree. Also, he graduated Sterile Processing Career Institute in Miami.