Azerbaijani Kelagayi in Miami.

Kəlagayısının of Florida and “Heydar Baba” was presented 2016-05-24 | 16:43 |

Kəlagayısının of Florida and "Heydar Baba" was presented

Washington, May 24, AZERTAG

“Azerbaijan kalagayi” organization in the United States representative in Florida and the scarf, kelagai “Heydar Baba” was presented by the book. Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association of Florida, an event organized by the city of Fort Loderdeyl held in Turkey. The presentation ceremony was attended by representatives of the Azerbaijani and Turkish communities.

Contributing Eminova Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association speech at the opening night. He welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of preserving the traditions and cultural heritage of our nation. Then “Azerbaijan kalagayi” organization representatives in the United States has made Jamila Javadova-Spitsberq. The participants of the silk kəlagayıların traditions, history and cultural significance of this work gave information about.

At the presentation in different regions, as well as on preparation kəlagayının Basgal village of Ismayilli region has been featured in a short documentary films. Kəlagayıların symbolic meaning in different designs, the traditional head cover forms were also discussed. The participants presented Jamila Javadova-Spitsberqin yarasmasını how they evaluated different kəlagayıları covering their heads.

The second part of the cultural event was dedicated to the poetry. Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association Norbert Yevdayev on the life and work of prominent Azerbaijani poet Shahriyar informed about his studies. Shahriyar famous “Heydar Baba” poem in this book translated into Russian, he has introduced the NYevdayev him read poems.

Yusif Babanli

AZERTAC ‘s Special Correspondent


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