Khojaly Genocide Commemoration 1992-2012

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20 years have passed from the Khojaly genocide which was a part of Armenian policy of aggression and genocide against Azerbaijan,resulted in mass violation of the norms and principles of international law,human rights and freedoms and one of the bloodstained pages of human history.This tragedy is another terrible example of ethnic cleansing and genocide policy carried out by the Armenian nationalists and their supporters against Azerbaijanis lasting for two hundred years.During genocide act committed by Armenian aggressors against the Azerbaijani people in Khojaly,613 people,including 106 women,63 children and 70 old people were killed within some hours, 487 people were injured,1275 civilians were taken captive.
To commemorate the 20 anniversary of injustified death of Khojaly genocide victims,AACA had taken following actions ;
1. Letter of recognition of 20th anniversary from city of Miami
2. organize events in order to inform the community about the Khojaly tragedy
3.Commemoration days,round tables,debates

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